Jozi Circus
Mission is to
become a platform provide unique skills Establish partnerships Expose African Talent!

"Social Circus is a powerful catalyst for creating social change because it helps marginalised individuals assume their place within a community and enrich that community with their talents.” – Cirque du Soleil


Become a platform for quality circus arts education in South Africa


Provide unique skills to socially marginalised youth in order to create an employable young adults


Establish sustainable partnerships to enhance the provision of cirque arts education


Expose African talent to international stages such as Cirque Du Soleil

Jozi Circus School aims to make circus arts affordable and accessible to the South African Public, by

– Providing quality circus arts education to the public
– Producing proficient circus instructors and highly skilled artists



Singabanye Circus is an arts based education program that is dedicated to youth development and community empowerment.
In collaboration with the Cirk

Jozi Circus provides circus classes for adults and kids of all ages.

We offer Aerial, Pole Fitness, Pole Exotic, Flexibility, Acrobatics classes and many more….

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